A warm welcome to the site of Sri Kaleshwar and his ashram

Wherever you are, wherever you go - I will be there. Trust me, I am your shadow.
I know how to take care and protect. I will protect you for ever and ever.”
– Sri Kaleshwar (January 8, 1973 - March 15, 2012)

Sri Kaleshwar accomplished an extraordinary mission in a relatively short time.  Facts about his life provide a sense of what a special being he was, and the continuing magnitude of his soul power.  Understanding the Divine lineage which Sri Kaleshwar comes from helps us realize the remarkable depth in the ancient teachings and healing formulas and technologies which he, for the first time in history, made available to a broader audience of dedicated students.  One may still learn the ancient knowledge today from his senior students (certified teachers).  Find out about divine spiritual meditation programs at his powerful and beautiful ashram in Penukonda, India, and through his worldwide network of certified teachers and healers.

This website is dedicated in loving memory to our Divine master Sri Kaleshwar. 

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Sri Kaleshwar

Sri Kaleshwar’s coming to Penukonda was predicted four hundred years ago when another powerful saint, Virabrahmhendra, sat at the mouth of one of the Yagantri caves and wrote an extraordinary manuscript: a detailed chronicle of future events called the Kalajnana, which is now considered a national treasure of India. It accurately predicted world events —in India and abroad— as well as the personal details of many individual’s lives. One such account foretold the coming of a young man whose soul bore the energy of Mother Divine. He would come in our time to bring extraordinary light and astonishing knowledge to the world.

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“While we are here on this planet we have to do something noble with our lives,” Sri Kaleshwar says. He teaches that all of us must help wherever we can. Our actions must leave a sweet fragrance and be a great message that lives long after we are gone. This is the dharma of each person. Real moksha (enlightenment) is when someone looks in your eyes with gratitude because you have done something to remove their suffering. Swami’s life is a living example of this. He tirelessly serves everyone who comes before him. It is an expression of his pure devotion and dedication to his master, Shirdi Baba.

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Swami Kaleshwar’s ashram is situated on this ancient holy ground, next to the king’s palace and within the walls of the ancient fort. The modern reemergence of the home of this ancient wisdom is now taking the form of a university called the Sri Kaleshwar Soul University. It is a training ground for advanced spirituality. As a sacred power spot, the ashram itself is a unique “classroom” where the knowledge of the ancient rishis is learned and tested through "practicals"—divine processes, set forth according to the sacred formulas that demonstrate the miraculous creation energy of God available to each of us.

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How did Jesus, Buddha, Shirdi Baba, Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the ancient saints and powerful divine souls, become very successful in the universe? Why the rishis, the yogis and the maharishis, simply sat under the trees meditating for years and years. You don’t need to spend years and years searching for the right formulas. Already some saints discovered specific formulas and gave them to us. That’s our luck. Still the channels are available and the doors are open for us from the Nature. This ancient Divine knowledge is coming back again. If we follow that knowledge, we will have the results.