Medical Clinic

Since 2015, the annual Medical Camp takes place on the Ashram grounds to commemorate the Birthday of Sri Kaleswar on the 8th of January.  This event is organized by Shirdi Sai Global Trust (SSGT) together with Medical-Aid India e.V. Deutschland. For many people from nearby villages the free access to medical treatment is their only hope for medical attention. This includes the medical work of General MD's, dermatologists, gynecologists and midwifes, ENT's and hearing specialists. Every year hundreds of people get free medical support. 

By providing free medical screening, diagnosis and treatment, SSGT has addressed and treated many diseases. Direct intervention and preventative education have improved the overall standard of health in and around the surrounding villages in Andhra Pradesh. During these clinics, western doctors from Germany, Austria, and the US have collaborated with local government doctors, donating their time and service to support the SSGT mission.

Update 2023: 

After a 2-year break, the medical camp was held again from 22 to 26 February. Thanks to the very dedicated team of Medical Aid India, E.V. led by Dr. med. Susanne Wegener and the SSGT team, more than 1000 patients received free medical treatment during these 5 days.

A total of 599 patients were treated by ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists, 412 patients were treated for skin problems, and 335 hearing aids were distributed. Among them are many children suffering from severe hearing loss and damage to the ears. Former patients also came back to have their hearing aids checked and fitted. Every 3 months, a hearing specialist from Bangalore will be here to provide support to these patients.

It is a huge blessing to see so many faces full of joy and gratitude and to receive their love. A big thank you to the medical team and supporters who made this wonderful work possible. The plan for the next medical camp in 2024, is to train especially parents, school teachers and community leaders in ‘improving ear health’.

New Dental clinic

Our next big project is already in the planning stage. Due to poor dental health and very high dental costs, we have decided to support the community with a free dental clinic. Often the pay of 3-4 days work is required for a simple dental check-up, which most local people cannot afford. To start with, we plan to open a day clinic twice a month, which we hope to expand in the future.

The following purchases are forthcoming in the next few weeks:

  • A medical treatment chair and basic dental equipment

This results in an estimated amount of $ 2.400 / € 2.300. 

We would like to invite you to become a sponsor and to contribute through your heartfelt donation to continue improving the wonderful service, which is offered for free for people in need. All Donations however small or big would be gratefully received. Please send your donation with your Paypal account or other payment method.

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