Sri Chakra

The Sri Chakra is a yantra, or diagram, of Mother Divine’s soul energy through which She creates the universe. Every angle of the Creation, both good and bad, is created through the Sri Chakra. The actual source point of the entire Creation is hidden in the Sri Chakra. It is through that point, the Nada Bindu, that the Mother pulls the energy from the Absolute then gives it form to create the world. This same point exists in us. After discovering it, you can spread the cosmic energy and implement it to bring healing. It is also the point through which you experience God realization.

As with most of the ancient knowledge from the palm leaf books, Sri Kaleshwar updated this system to fit into our modern times.  In this process, through the knowledge and application of Sri Kaleshwar’s Sri Chakra yantra —in conjunction with specific japa meditation practices—your soul becomes highly magnetized and divinely purified with the energy of Mother Divine.  At this stage, your soul is absorbing the deepest silence.

According to Swami Kaleshwar:

“If you understand the Sri Chakra energy, if you understand the mantras’ energy, if you really fix those vibrations in your soul, you absolutely have a bullet proof protection to your soul. Even though She’s sitting there, you have to understand Her and once you understand Her, that’s it, you can walk.” 

“Anyone who wants to be a powerful healer, saint or siddha, has to be able to access the Sri Chakra’s energy. Then, your life becomes a beautiful gift to the world. You are capable of helping to serve and fulfill the needs of those who come to you.”

Teachers certified by Sri Kaleshwar can guide you step by step for smooth success in charging and implementing the entire enlightening Sri Chakra as taught by the modern saint, Sri Kaleshwar.




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