Surya and Chandra Nadi

In science, there are formulas. Spirituality also has formulas. If you practice them you can connect to divine souls, divine angels, and the Divine Mother. A palm leaf manuscript written thousands of years ago revealed two sacred enlightenment formulas: the Surya Nadi and the Chandra Nadi processes.

Surya is the sun—your breath in. Chandra is the moon—your breath out. Through mastery of pranayama, the breath in and breath out, we release suffering, heartbreak, and depression and create the highest enlightenment, bliss and miraculous capability.

“You’ll complete the Reality, to know who you are, to know what is your dharma (duty), who is the Mother, who is Jesus, who is Baba, what is the Creation, what is birth and death. I want to make you the strongest healers on the planet. You should be a candle, and keep burning and giving the light to somebody. I want you to demonstrate certain great, unbelievable things on the planet, more than Jesus.”

“There are two processes on the planet. One is the Surya Nadi, second is the Chandra Nadi. Surya, sun, Chandra, moon. These two nadis—SoHam. We breathe in, we breathe out. On the days thousands of years back, in Sanskrit, they wrote it in the palm leaf books. Who has control of pranayama (breath control) can really create amazing miraculous things. Those who can control the pranayama, the swasa kriya, are successes. Even with your healing ability you feel lot of headaches in your life. If you really know how de-charge through your breath in, breath out you really can protect from your negative karmas. That much power is hidden in your breath in breath out. The whole part of your energy chakras are linked with your breath in breath out.”

"In your life, if you want to fight the negativity and demonstrate miraculous energy to help the society and the globe, you need two things – pure love and power. Power is Surya Nadi and love is Chandra Nadi."

"These processes are giving the fire element and the air element to your consciousness stage. Consciousness is nothing but being able to experience what your human mind and human heart and human soul cannot believe. In that stage, a soul is holding the energy of the fire and air, that cosmic power in their consciousness. Using the fire and air are how any divine soul who came to this planet showed the path of pure divine love, brought peace and creativity to their students, to heal any kind of negative forces, and to stand in the nature’s illusions."

- Sri Kaleshwar®

After doing the process, the energy starts from the kundalini, at the base of your spinal cord, and moves all the way up the spine, then hits your third eye. The fire in the third eye transfers to your consciousness, giving always high vibrations. Then there is no way even the nature can play illusions on you. Zero chance.

This Chandra Nadi healing transmission is recharging and awakening your consciousness, opening your third eye to make it completely wash and remove the dust from your soul mirror so you see yourself and gain clarity in a big, full way. Then in all angles you will be in satchitananda. You can confidently live and lead your life without any disturbances.

…you’re developing pure, pure Sthita Pregnatha Ananda, means taking everything equal, whatever it is. There is no tragedy; there is no happiness. It’s the middle stage where you always be a calm, quiet person, not focusing on troubles or happiness. Anandas means nothing but huge bliss forever and ever. How difficult it is in this universe to be able to receive that.