Five Elements

Everything in Creation is made from the five elements—earth, fire, sky (ether), water and air. The five elements are not only the fundamental pillars of all life, they are the foundation of our spiritual practice. Awakening the energy of the elements in you leads to a purification of the body, mind, and soul. It is then that your channels to the cosmic energy open. This is the beginning of the path to enlightenment and the awakening of healing abilities.

FIVE ELEMENTS PROCESS™An Ancient Knowledge System Taught By Sri Kaleshwar

In the Five Elements Process™ you ‘charge’ your soul with the energy of each element. Charging purifies the element in you and heals you. Once you are charged with that element, particular symptoms appear which indicate that you are aligned with the energy of the element and can then use it to heal others. All miracles happen through the five elements’ energy. Ultimately, through advanced techniques to command on the five elements, you become a siddha, a supernatural saint.

The Five Elements Process™ opens an individual’s spiritual channels to connect directly with the cosmic energy. It brings the highest peace, opens the heart, increases willpower and mental clarity, and creates positive protection circles around you. Your mind naturally becomes very peaceful and relaxed, enabling you to meditate easily. Wisdom grows spontaneously and your life automatically becomes more successful.

This process reveals how to use the divine power of the elements to heal stress, depression and mental and physical disorders, to send healing energy over long distances, and to open channels that enable you to communicate with the angels. The Five Elements Process™ is the basic knowledge underlying all of the ancient systems revealed by Sri Kaleshwar.

As correct pronunciation is essential, a recording of Swami chanting the element mantras is also available. Still, it is highly recommended, if at all possible, that you learn this knowledge from a teacher certified by Sri Kaleshwar to be certain that you are doing the practice accurately and repeating the mantras correctly. In addition, the transmission of energy from teacher to student is of great benefit to your practice.



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