More in the Ashram


This is the low building east of the Southwest-Building.


Meals will be freshly cooked and served. At breakfast Chai (Indian spice-tea) and Coffee are included. All other beverages, can be bought at the Dhaba Shop.


In the Dhaba-Shop you can find the following things among others: Drinking water, snacks, beverages, gifts, shawls, incense, soaps, cleaning supplies, writing materials, bed linen, towels, ashram-suited clothes and many other things. Purchases can only be paid in Indian Rupees.


This garden is located in front of the canteen. It is used for rehearsals of the bhajan group, meetings, for yoga and exercise, or playing sports and other group activities.


The bookstore is integrated in the classroom and contains photographs from previous programs, as well as published manuscripts and various meditation items.


The room for group activities is located in a smaller building with a covered veranda next to the Southwest Apartment Building.

It is also used as a group room for satsangs, teachings and video demonstrations. Books, scripts and photos can be bought there. There is a library in the room as well.

The veranda can be used for smaller or larger group-meetings of any kind.

Apartment Buildings

There are 2 apartment buildings:

The Southwest Building and the Northwest Building.

Some of the Ashram Apartments belong to students of Sri Sai Kaleshwar.  These apartments contain furniture and items that belong only to the owner. It is possible that you will be given one of these apartments for your visit to the ashram.  The Welcome Center (SW-Room Nr. 6) is the main contact for all apartment guests.

Unfortunately it is not possible to leave personal items in the ashram for your next visit, as there are no storage rooms.  Any items that you do not need any more can be donated to the local community.  Kindly leave those things at the Welcome Center.

Ashram offices

Shilpa's Office / Room 1 in the Southwest-Building

This is where Shilpa, Sri Kaleshwar's widow and chair woman of the Shirdi Sai Global Trust is working.

Financial affairs can be settled here. Shilpa is happy to be on hand with special personal questions and concerns.

Welcome-Center / Room 6 in the Southwest-Building

The Indian employees of the Welcome-Center offer support for the students in any matters concerning the ashram. They are giving advice about the different responsibilities.

The following affairs can be cleared:

Registration (Sign-in), Rooming, Orientation, travel schedules, room maintenance, health, internet, printed papers, all ashram related questions in general and handover of Yantras for blessing.

Penukonda-Team-Office / Room 4

This room is available for meetings of the group leaders or for groups upon request.



This page is still under construction, more texts and pictures on the topic will follow.