Ashram Overview

Penukonda is a sacred power spot with a long established history of association with thousands of saints and divine souls.

In the early 16th centruy, Krishnadevaraya, the most powerful king in India’s history, lived and held court in Penukonda. He and many other great rishis who were part of his retinue were protectors of the ancient knowledge.

Swami Kaleshwar’s ashram, Shiva Sai Mandir, is situated on this ancient holy ground, next to the king’s summer palace and within the walls of the ancient fort. The modern reemergence of the home of this ancient wisdom has taken the form of what Sri Kaleshwar describes as a "Soul University";  a training ground for advanced PhD level spirituality.  As a sacred power spot, the ashram itself is a unique “classroom” where the knowledge of the ancient rishis is learned and tested through "practicals"—divine processes, set forth according to the sacred formulas that demonstrate the miraculous creation energy of God available to each of us.

Sri Kaleshwar has amplified the amazing power and natural beauty of this divine setting by building every aspect of the ashram according to Kaleshwara Vaastu™. Truly, the ashram is a Vaastu paradise: the majestic Shiva Sai Mandir which houses beautiful temples to both Shirdi Baba and Jesus; the Dwarkamai, a meditation temple that is used in divine processes to open up the higher spiritual channels; a 5-story apartment complex in the southwest; and in the northeast, students meditate or walk in open gardens with a 50-foot fountain towering just inside of the main ashram gate. All of this rests beneath the backdrop of Penukonda Mountain with its dozen temples and hidden meditation caves.

From its humble beginnings as a simple hut with a thatched roof to the magnificent pilgrimage center it has now become, the ashram continues to grow to meet the increasing needs of those gaining mastery through the advanced spiritual practices offered there. Like spirituality itself, the ashram is an ever-unfolding creation.

Since 1997, students from around the world have come to experience its Divine energy and immerse themselves in the sacred knowledge of the ancient rishis, taught at the ashram. For many, the ashram has become their personal power spot and soul home, where they delve deeper into their relationship with the Divine, learning who they truly are and what it is they are on this planet to accomplish. The powerful place and the divine knowledge can awaken amazing healing abilities and enlightenment channels which are necessary to heal and serve the world. Great healing and service is needed in these times.  Sri Kaleshwar taught that it is his duty and his students’ duty to fulfill that need for humanity whenever possible.

“I’ve had a relationship with Penukonda for 5000 years. ... My main purpose, the responsibility given to me, is to carefully bring the ancient knowledge to the globe. ... It will take a minimum of 500 years for many people, spending their entire lives, to translate those books and really understand them. This ancient knowledge is the mother of knowledge to everything. ... the information of the sacred formulas in the palm leaf manuscripts has to go to the entire globe, not only to Penukonda. For 1800 years it’s been coming, but no one had success bringing the knowledge out until now. Penukonda’s greatness is, it’s the main nada bindu, the real formulas were born on this Penukonda earth and have been staying here. The Mother’s and Shiva’s energy are flowing incredibly here. If you took the globe, Penukonda is exactly center point to the energy. This center point has to give a lot of soul capacities to the globe. Whoever comes here and wants to know will have success, once they follow the perfect formulas. The people will receive enlightenment. Mainly there are two reasons they have to come here. One, once they experience miraculous things they will know who they are. Second, once they did the processes and received the powers they will know themselves too.” - Sri Kaleshwar

  1.  1) Siva Sai Mandir
    • Baba Temple
    • Jesus Temple
  2.  2) Dwarkamai
    • Kanaka Durga
    • Samadhi Room
    • Slates
  3.  3) Mandir Garden
  4.  4) Shiva Cave
  5.  5) Dhuni
  6.  6) Ganesh & Nagas
  7.  7) Jesus Garden
  8.  8) Dhaba (Canteen)
  9.  9) Bookstore & Class Room
  10. 10) Northwest Building
  11. 11) Southwest Building
  12. 12) Bhajan Garden
  13. 13) Hanuman Garden
  14. 14) SSGT office