Charity philosophy

"While we are here on this planet we have to do something noble with our lives,” Sri Kaleshwar says.  He teaches that all of us must help wherever we can.  Our actions must leave a sweet fragrance and be a great message that lives long after we are gone.  This is the duty of each person.  He says that the real enlightenment is when someone looks in your eyes with gratitude because you have done something to remove their suffering.  Every aspect of Sri Kaleshwar’s life is a living example of this.  He works tirelessly to relieve the suffering of the thousands who come to see him.   One of his main teachings is that a person’s life can be measured by how many people they’ve helped.  Sri Kaleshwar said: 

“You have to lift a minimum of ten to fifteen people per month, lift them.  I recommend on Saturday or Sunday to go to any old age home, any hospital, any kind of place like that.  Even if you’re super busy, spend one to two hours. If you have $100 with you, spend $5 to $10 for food.  It’s good to take care.  A hungry person, if you really took care, if you feed him, definitely his heart feels, ‘Thank you. God bless him.’  You need it.  The world needs it.  For a wounded heart person, you don’t need to do anything, just simply sit and listen to what he’s saying.  I know you’re tired and exhausted but just listen.  Let him cry whatever he wants to cry.  Just listen.  You share it.  If you care, you have to share.  That’s a great blessing to him.  In the hospital there are a lot of patients, please go and take care of them every Sunday. When they are used to seeing you, after you visited two or three weeks, then in the fourth week that patient is waiting for you, ‘Hey! When are you coming?’ They’re very happy just looking forward for you to bring some flowers, some fruits. They feel so touched. That you need and that is needed.

“It is very important how many people around you that you’re making happy. This is the bottom line that Jesus mentioned—try to help the people around you as much as you can to make them happy. What we need to understand is true love and having a forgiving nature.”