Education Support

Knowledge is wealth. Many youth with the intelligence, inspiration and talent never get the opportunity to apply themselves due to financial difficulties. In 2008 the Shirdi Sai Global Trust (SSGT), and its chairman Sri Kaleshwar, established an “Educational Sponsorship Program”. Through this scholastic endowment, several hundreds of students are provided economic assistance during critically needed periods of educational curriculum.

After reviewing thousands of applications, the most promising and most financially deprived children received this award. This financial award ensures that these students’ educational costs will be provided and fulfilled during their most critical 11th & 12th standard class years.

Total cost of the first phase of this program has exceeded $250,000 (1 crore), and will grow to three times the size within the next two years. The next target will be to sponsor over 1,000 additional students for the coming semester.


So for a person who really needs help, help them, but also try to make them develop themselves. Thats another concept. For example, many people I’ve seen are huge boozers, addicted, with unbelievably low inspiration. You really have to motivate them to make their inspiration come up. You really need to make the depressed people come up—Yes, you’ll do it. You can do it. Giving hope. Whoever really trusts you and comes to you, give them hope. Thats the real life you can give.

Sri Kaleshwar