Ancient Sacred Formulas Mantras - The Shortcuts to the Divine

English Translation of the article "Wendezeit Magazine, March 2007

How did Jesus, Buddha, Shirdi Baba, Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the ancient saints and powerful divine souls, become very successful in the universe?  Why could Shirdi Baba demonstrate miracles?  Why could Jesus do miracles? Why could Buddha do miracles? Why can't we do that? Why do some people get huge success gaining spiritual power while others don't?  Is it their hard work, good luck, past life meditation power or their master's help?

What about experiencing what the saint's are experiencing? How did the saints become saints? The saints did not come directly from heaven. Saints were born as humans. Every person is a piece of God. Every person's soul is a piece of God. We're all equal. We all came from greatness, but we are ignoring our greatness. We feel we are in the dark. You're a master yourself but you don't know that. You have a lot of abilities. There's an unbelievable huge light hidden in us. Through certain spiritual processes we can bring that light up. Once our light increases everything is possible. You just need guidance.

Integrating and Implementing Cosmic Energy

For thousands of years throughout ancient India people had pure devotional hearts. The main desire was to experience the Divine miracle energy. Some mantras were created and they hooked--attracted--many angels. That was their technology. Indian science completely depended on the sun, the angels and the miracle powers. Their whole science was the power. Their technology was the power to work with souls.  Completely the angels taught the world through the writings in the ancient manuscripts 2000 to 5000 years ago.  There are supernatural formulas in the manuscripts, mantras and yantras, which show how to connect to the Cosmic energy; how to pull the Cosmic; how to operate the Cosmic; how to digest the Cosmic; how to implement the Cosmic; then after implementing the Cosmic, how to receive back from the Cosmic. These are the steps.

In front of God, once you know the perfect formula, the right channel and the right energy, everything is possible.  That information has been lost for thousands of years.  It has been kept a secret. The masters didn't release it to the public. Or, if they released it, they did not give perfect guidelines to implement it. Students have no one showing them how to drive the car.

What I observed, what I've seen, the majority of saints just talk about the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata. Reading them is beautiful, but what to implement should be different. We have to live differently in this age. In this Kali Yuga, this century, people's minds and psychology are different. In the present situation you need this yuga's knowledge and super shortcuts.

Direct Experiences of the Divine are Necessary

Without power, the shakti, we cannot help the majority of people even if we talk so great.  We need to give energy strokes, to give the strong impact to the people to fall in love with God and to grow that love forever and ever.  In the world, 90% of the saints are good talkers but they can't give the satchitananda bliss.  You need to give people experiences, the shakti.  Through experiences, the bhakti, the love, is born.

Some people meditate for three years, ten years, or thirty years, and nothing happens. This is horrible. They have no experience--nothing. Nothing is there. It's a big crime to make you a prisoner in a spiritual prison. If you're wasting your time struggling, struggling, struggling then big unhappiness is there.

Hundreds of students from many different places come to me, “We've been through a lot of time.  Just we're getting normal darshan, we're doing bhajans, and we're doing seva, but we're not having any experiences.  We don't feel any energy growing in us.  We're feeling day-by-day that we are landing.” The devotional way is good; I really appreciate that.  But when should you do that?  When you are really, really old and your body cannot accept to do meditation.  At that time, the devotional path is suitable.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa communicated every day with Mother Divine. In the beginning steps with Vivekananda, Ramakrishna never taught him, “Just worship me.  Just do bhajans to me everyday.”  He never told him that.  He gave the order, “Go, sit and meditate.”  That's the only way in the universe for anybody to connect to the highest divine energies, even if you're an unbelievable soul.  Period.  Go, sit, meditate, and keep sucking the energy then connect to what you really want.

You have to go through the process.  You have to pull the energy and you have to purify.  You have to suck the energy to develop and get certain abilities in you. Without practice, without hard work, there's no way to get success in spirituality.  Faith, willpower and patience will automatically develop in you if the most importance is given to concentration on you and meditation.  Everything will come but you have to do it with your pure, open heart.

Without Meditation there is no Success

My direct statement to everybody is, it depends how much you do japa that determines how much success you will get.  Austerity is austerity. Whatever japa you do with strong inspiration, that brings to you, to your soul, to your path, to your great success.  Japa is top, top, top, number one, top priority to charge your soul.  There's nothing else in the universe that can charge that much high frequency to your soul.  It's like a super charging to your soul battery.  Then, generally, the negativity won't touch you that much once you're super charged.  You have much willpower, confidence, the highest resistance power, and divine protection circles around you.  

We can rise up our energy to make our third eye strong.  If the third eye is strong, generally you'll be able to get your mind under control, the heart will get stronger and you won't get heartbroken that easily. If you don't have heartbreak, your way of thinking becomes stronger and your soul capacity increases.  When your soul is super strong, then you're able to connect to supernatural things.

Only Spiritual Processes will bring Spiritual Abilities

The soul is like a chicken in the egg.  Through certain processes, you can create a mechanism in your body, like an egg creation.  Then one day you can come out from the egg, walking out like a small chicken.  That is soul traveling, going out and again getting back to your body.  Learn those channelings.

Amazingly, without your notice, you can create certain supernatural abilities.  That's the inner significance behind all of these japas.  That's why the rishis, the yogis and the maharishis, simply sat under the trees meditating for years and years.  You don't need to spend years and years searching for the right formulas.  

Already some saints discovered specific formulas and gave them to us.  That's our luck.  Still the channels are available and the doors are open for us from the Nature. This ancient Divine knowledge is coming back again. If we follow that knowledge, we will have the results.

If you neglect this point, thinking it's ridiculous to chant millions of mantras, wondering if it really makes sense--of course, it doesn't make sense to the normal mind--but once you start to digest it, then you can feel the results.  

Certain things are possible after you have practiced certain prayers, meditations and channelings. Practicing these prayers, meditations and channelings allows the supernatural energy to cooperate and communicate to your soul vibrations resulting in the fulfillment of your desires, what you really want.

Through Only Love, You Cannot Reach the Top Spiritual Stages

Ninety percent of the normal saints in the world teach in a simple way, “Love.  Be happy. Be good, do good, and see good. Just love people. You will get everything from just loving the people.” That's different. I agree 100% but for those who really want spiritual enlightenment, it won't help.  It won't help those who really want inner experiences.  It won't help those who really want to see certain supernatural things.  It won't help them.

Even though different traditions say it's easy to get it through love, I completely disagree.  Yes, you can always win Mother Divine's love.  We want love.  That's great.  But we want to learn Her mechanisms.  We want to understand the inner meaning behind Her tests on us.  We want to understand the nature of Her Creation.  We want to learn that.  That is the super peak stage.  If you really don't want that stage, you can still be a healer helping many people. You can live your whole life as a beautiful person, as a beautiful guide to a certain level.  But if you really want to go to the super peak stage, that's a completely different story.  

There is no way that someone can reach the step to know Mother Divine's inner mechanism only through love.  Period.  That's my golden statement. Even many saints, many people say, “Open your heart, suck the love, then you can do whatever you want.”  One hundred percent I disagree with that.  Take any master in the universe and see what they've been through.  Take their lives and see. You have to go through the stages yourself. You have to purify, you have to suck that energy to get certain abilities in you.  Then, here you go.  In the universe, there is no other path to reach the high power channels without sitting and doing meditation.  I will challenge anyone on this.  It was in their last life, and the last life before that, and the last life before that they did meditation practices and reached it. Even if somebody was helping them a lot, they still needed to do the meditation. That's why I always say meditate. Automatically the vibrations will open your heart. Your soul automatically will get charged with the energy.  

Mantra and Yantra for Highest Soul Energy

Any saint, any person, who wants to win spirituality, has to go through these three doors--mantras, yantras, and the creation of a new divine energy.  When we combine a mantra and a yantra and implement those energies together, we create a new high divine energy.  You are chanting the mantra and visualizing the yantra to create this new energy.  If you miss even one door, you can't reach your goal.

Mantra means the divine vibration. Yantra means the soul diagram, the hidden energy home. With the mantra you can suck the power and you can give the power.  While chanting when you're in the highest deepest trance you can see visions of the yantras.  Then, with the mantra and the yantra, like a flame using the gas, you can make it run. The high divine energy that you receive from putting the yantra and mantra together has a huge effect.  Fixing the yantra, bringing the mantra, and channeling it to remake the energy and change the vibrations, put it in your own style, then throwing it into nature to make it work. It's a kind of technique to make your will come true through your sadhana. Mantra, yantra, then creating a new divine energy--that's it.  More than that, nothing is there.

Working with the soul and angel channels, controlling and handling spirits, communicating and hooking angels, making them work, bringing your own energy up to connect and communicate with Mother Divine. Once you experience Her energy, that energy is with you all the time. That energy purifies everything around you.  Your soul turns as a divine soul. These are all unbelievable, interesting techniques. It's completely inner feelings' knowledge.

Where Did You Come From? Where Are You Going?

Once you recognize yourself then you can recognize unbelievable divine souls in the universe.  You can connect to these divine souls, to any divine soul, through your energy.  If you want to connect to Shirdi Baba's soul or Jesus' soul or Mother Mary's soul, you can prepare that channel yourself, making a relationship bond.

Once you are born, the truth is, one day you have to die. After dying, where are you going? Where did you come from?  What is hidden in you? That you need to understand. Once you know where you came from you will automatically know where you are going. Between that easily you can understand all the illusions, this great dream. There is something that you cannot see, that you have to see. That is the final goal.

If you want to see the real thing--focus. The person who is making you focus is not a God. Feeling your master is God, ignoring your own capacity and always depending on somebody else, is studentism. Don't do that. It's a big crime. Love the master as a friend, and as a brother. He's a friend who came into your life to bring light to push you. Go. See the Reality. Make your soul bigger and bigger and bigger. With your own hands you can come up.

What did Jesus say?  Who really trusts in him, will become more powerful than him. That means all his students.  Everybody's equal.

About Sri Kaleshwar   

Sri Kaleshwar is a modern master and healer from India, revealing previously hidden ancient divine knowledge to numerous Western students. Based on palm leaf manuscripts written by saints and maharishis thousands of years ago, Sri Kaleshwar's teachings: Shed new light on the lives of supreme masters, including Jesus, Buddha, and Shirdi Baba; describe sacred processes and formulas-including powerful mantras and yantras (sacred drawings); show how to awaken in anyone, step-by-step, powerful healing abilities; explain how to achieve direct experiences with the Divine. Sri Kaleshwar's mission is to create spiritual masters throughout the world, especially in the West.  In turn, his students' sacred duty is to use this ancient knowledge to teach, to heal, and to bring enlightenment to all who seek it.

In recognition of his numerous social services in Southern India, Sri Kaleshwar was conferred with a Doctor of Honour at the Open International University for Complementary Medicine in Malaysia, February 2007.