Sri Kaleshwar's birthday is a very auspicious day to connect with his soul and receive his blessings. A day to remember our deep connection and love and to give thanks for his constant love and care, all the wisdom and knowledge he shared with the world. 
He always cared for those in need and created and supported many wonderful charity and community projects. Charity work was very dear to him. It is a cherished tradition to give special support to this kind of work on his birthday. Each year a different project is sponsored. This year, a small temple on the outskirts of the ashram is receiving special support. Swami Sri Kaleshwar promised them many years ago that he would take care of the enclosing walls of this community ashram. A few months ago, the Shirdi Sai Global Trust (SSGT) was contacted and reminded of this promise.

The estimate for this work is about 6 lakh Indian rupees ($7,230). If this touches your heart, please support this project with a heartfelt donation.

Update at 8th January 2023: A puja and the groundbreaking ceremony for the surrounding walls took place on this special day. It was a big joy and blessing for the entire community to celebrate together. 

Update at 7th February 2023: Deep foundation pillars were set and a stable reinforced concrete foundation was made. The first row of granite stones was laid on top of this.

Update at 10th March 2023

Thanks to the many donors for the support. Together we were able to fully finance the project and will soon post the progress of the construction project on this page.

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