Sri Kaleshwar and the Shirdi Sai Global Trust focus their charitable works on what he calls “The 5 Pillars of Charity”:

  • Hunger Relief
  • Medical Assistance
  • Educational Support
  • Social Welfare
  • Infrastructure

These five main areas of charitable works touch all races, and people of many religious backgrounds. The Shirdi Sai Global Trust charter is not bound to any specific sect, religious or political beliefs, or affiliation. Rather it is bound by basic humanitarian moral values. Its only purpose is to attempt to relieve suffering through uplifting the five basic areas of life necessary to lead a dignified, healthy life. Giving knows no boundaries, and these acts of generosity are undertaken with love and humility.

Charitable work has been very dear and personal for Sri Kaleswhar, it has to 'come from the heart’ and be undertaken with 'love and humility’. During his lifetime Sri Kaleswhar has touched the life of thousands and thousands of people, by donating more than one crore lakhs to those in need.

Tricycle distribution for the physically handicapped, drought relief - distribution of food and water to starving and homeless farmers, mass weddings for those who couldn’t afford to marry otherwise, food donations, bore-wells, water purification plants, support to the government hospital in Penukonda with medicine, support of sport students to go to national and international competitions, tsunami relief, natural calamities, … to mention just a few; beside the charity projects which are mentioned further in detail on the following pages.

If this touches your heart and you feel that you would like to support any of these projects, please get in touch with us.

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