Shirdi Baba

( -1918)

Shirdi Baba lived his entire life as a beggar, begging alms from the villagers in the tiny backwater town of Shirdi. His simple outward appearance disguised the truth of his spiritual stature. He lived most of his life in a tiny dilapidated mosque with no protection from the heat, rain, and the multitudes who sought relief from their problems and suffering. He chose to live as a beggar, although he could have lived like a king. He received millions of rupees from his devotees but each day he was left empty handed because he had distributed it all to the poor.

Baba was an incarnation of Shiva, and a rare yogi with the highest supernatural capabilities. His yogic feats were endless; he changed water into oil, appeared in many places at once, rescued countless devotees from life-threatening situations, and in his ultimate act of sacrifice, gave up his life to save the life of a beloved devotee. He demonstrated so many miracles throughout his life. This phenomenon continues to this day.

Devotion to him is rapidly growing throughout the world among people of all faiths. His life was a demonstration of the unity of all religions and our essential oneness. Although he lived in a mosque, Hindu prayers and rituals were performed. People wondered if he was a Hindu or a Muslim. “So Baba told them one statement, Sri Kaleshwar says, ‘All human beings are one. Our religion is humanity.’ Baba said he was neither Muslim nor Hindu; he was everything. Whoever calls for his help, his protection is there. Who really follows Baba, fear can never touch them. Fear is always away from them. They’re very happy whatever happens. ‘That’s fine. Great. Lovely.’ Like that. Totally surrendered.”

Before leaving his body, Shirdi Baba made a promise to the world that whoever calls on him with faith, he will respond, “I will never forsake anyone who relies on me.”

All Human Beings are One. Our religion is humanity.

Shirdi Baba