His Life

Sri Kaleshwar was born on January 8, 1973 in a small village in Andhra Pradesh, southern India. While a small boy, unusual things happened around him. Later however, he excelled in school, was popular, and expressed no interest whatsoever in spirituality.

His spiritual awakening – what he calls his ‘enlightenment day’ – took place when he was fourteen years old. While Sri Kaleshwar was studying in an abandoned temple, Shirdi Baba, one of India’s most revered saints, appeared to him in a miraculous vision. (Shirdi Baba had passed on in 1918, and lies buried near the village of Shirdi.) Soon after their meeting, Sri Kaleshwar began demonstrating miraculous healing abilities, and his spiritual work started to unfold.

During the next several years, he practiced intense spiritual disciplines and was guided to a number of ancient sacred palm leaf manuscripts. Although he eventually enrolled in college and majored in chemistry, biology, and botany, Sri Kaleshwar’s spiritual pursuits – what he calls his ‘soul science’ – took precedence over everything else. Rather than attending classes, he meditated and practiced the formulas revealed in the manuscripts.

Eventually, Sri Kaleshwar set aside his normal studies and began traveling all over India, living as a mendicant. He meditated in ancient power spots, met hundreds of powerful saints and discussed his spiritual research with them. In 1993, he settled in another small village in Andhra Pradesh – Penukonda. There, and at just twenty years old, he established his ashram. He also began teaching the previously hidden spiritual knowledge, at first to his Indian devotees. Later, as word of this young holy man spread, spiritual pilgrims sought him out – and with them, too, he shared the ancient lore.

Within a few years, Sri Kaleshwar was traveling the globe, helping and healing those in need. He also shared his experiences and research, teaching the spiritual knowledge and the formulas he himself had tested extensively. Beginning in 1997 and in ever increasing numbers, students from around the world have ­traveled to the Penukonda ashram, to immerse themselves in the sacred knowledge being taught there.

Both at the Penukonda ashram and world-wide, Sri Kaleshwar has personally instructed thousands of students, and raised many to the point where they can teach what he himself taught them. Like him, they too have healed many and performed wonders.

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In July 2006, students from around the world began enrolling in the newly established Soul University, based at the Penukonda ashram. Graduation from this intense program of study, sadhana (meditation and spiritual processes), and seva (sacred service) is comparable to achieving a Ph.D. in spirituality.

Sri Kaleshwar is the author of several books, including “The Divine Mystery Fort,” “Victory Through Vaastu,” “Sai Shakti: 108 Healing Techniques of Sri Kaleshwar,” "The Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ," and "Shirdi Sai Baba, The Universal Master."

The Shirdi Sai Global Trust, founded by Sri Kaleshwar, is an organization that sponsors humanitarian ­efforts benefiting hundreds of thousands of people in India and around the world. In 2007 and in recognition of his extensive humanitarian work in India, Sri Kaleshwar received an honorary doctorate from the Open International University of Complementary Medicine. Previous recipients have included Shaukat Aziz (former Prime Minister of Pakistan) and Nelson Mandela (former President of South Africa).

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