JC Channels

The most powerful spiritual masters throughout history have practiced these 18 divine power channels or energy processes. In the ancient Vedic tradition, they were called the Saptarishi Channels. Sri Kaleshwar has given them a new name, the Jesus Christ (JC) Channels, because as he said, Jesus developed the highest miracle abilities and had the greatest success using these channels. The result of charging the Jesus Channels is to become a divine soul and live in a state of constant awakeness. Such a soul can show others the true nature of reality, reveal the mystery of life and death, and can bring healing and enlightenment to others just by their mere presence.

The JC Channels are one of the crown jewels of spiritual mastery.  It is one of the most advanced programs of Sri Kaleshwar’s ancient knowledge systems.  Through these channels we may directly understand the inner mechanisms of the divine reality, and the mechanisms of how to awaken the soul’s capabilities. Furthermore, the ability to feel a person’s soul character and vibration is possible. 

Jesus said, “When two or more gather in my name there am I in the midst of them.” 

For the JC Channels, Certified Teachers teach the majority of the processes in groups which helps build powerful protection circles for each soul by linking the souls energetically through group unity.  Historically, a lack of unity is one of the main reasons for failure in spiritual processes. It’s easier for negativity to disturb a single individual than it is to disturb a group with a strong soul connection. Within a group, every member is linked, responsible for and committed to each other.  This “groupism” not only brings your own process and the group’s success, but also embodies the values of brotherhood and unity with Jesus taught us through his life mission.  Sri Kaleshwar’s mission is to ensure this sacred knowledge is passed on to future generations.

"He had incredible powers in his hands. He had the strongest high abilities, supernatural powers. ... He could do wonders. But he never used his powers for himself. He was always thinking about others, “How can I help them?” He never cursed anyone, even though they were screaming on him; just simply his answer was smiling. Simply loving them, simply accepting whatever energy they were throwing on him. Love. Huge love.  That is why he became the highest, most powerful master, because of that. Jesus is love. Love is Jesus.” ~Sri Kaleshwar®



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