Basic Teachings

Sri Kaleshwar, through pure divine grace, received many palm leaf books written thousands of years ago by Rishis, or researchers, in India, written in the ancient but still used language of Telegu.  The rishis wrote down the secret formulas, in the form of Mantra (sound vibrations) and Yantra (spiritual drawings), to be used to take care of Humanity, the sufferings, diseases, relationships, including how to properly use nature and energy to balance our lives and co-exist in harmony and peace with the earth.  Sri Kaleshwar studied these palm leaf books and he charged the mantras and yantras and meditated deeply for many years, awakening his channels, before starting to teach them to Western students.  Sri Kaleshwar also updated some of the techniques, he called them “short cuts”, to not only accurately fit within our modern times, but also to give as much as he could to his students as fast as he could.

The foundation of Sri Kaleshwar’s modern ancient knowledge is the relationship to Nature, in the form of the Five Elements.  This is the basis for all of his formulas and channels and many other teachings are only possible AFTER “charging” the mantras in the Five Elements.  Only a few “systems” are available for those who have not first charged the Five elements; among them are the Holy Womb Chakra Process, and the Surya (sun) Nadi and Chandra (moon) Nadi process.

In addition to understanding Nature, another area of intense focus was researching and understanding Energy, both positive and negative, natural and supernatural, Maya (illusions) versus Satya (divine truths), male and female, including Shiva Shakti (divine masculine and divine feminine) energy.  

There are many layers of understandings that can be learned by anyone interested in gaining a deeper awareness of the true nature and energetic balancing involved in being more conscious and awake.  Certified Sri Kaleshwar teachers around the globe can help us see more clearly, and ultimately help us lead happier lives, regardless of our spiritual background.

I am teaching the Divine tradition. It isn’t limited to, or doesn’t belong to, any one religion. Religions are different, languages are different, but the language of the heart is the same. My language is the language of the heart. My symbol is pure love along with the simple five elements, the Creation religion. To be honest, I don’t belong to any religion. I belong to the religion of the truth. That’s it. One day you’ll recognize. - Sri Kaleshwar



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