Shiva Sai Mandir

The mandir is a two foor building which contains at the ground level the Baba temple and on the first floor the Jesus temple. This is a very unique constellation in India, having Christian and Hindi deities in the same building.

"This place is born with the Sri Chakra. This place is the Lakshmi place. Whoever touches this ground or enters inside the mandir, automatically Maha Lakshmi she attacks as a virus, no problems. It's an open confidential secret. The main Mula Maha Sri Chakra is buried here nine feet two inches below the marble (pointing to the marble on the floor in front of the steps leading up to Baba's padukas). It is there! True." - Sri Kaleshwar

Baba Temple

The Baba-Temple (Baba-Mandir) is the main temple of the ashram with a very powerful statue (Murti) of Shirdi Sai Baba.

“When I look at Baba’s whole life, he’s living in a small tiny temple in Dwarkamai and he’s taking a begging bowl and going in the street. When I look at that, it makes me remember to be humble, be polite, be conscious - never go egoistic." - Sri Kaleshwar

Sri Kaleshwar said: "Whenever I come down from my steps, I have a big picture, it makes me remember. He’s holding the begging bowl and a lady is offering the food. I don’t want to forget that picture, that scene. Whenever I keep remembering that, I’m simple, humble, that I know my limits, that all things are given from him - any day he can take it back. Whatever you’re suffering - that’s coming from him. Whatever things you’re winning, that’s also coming from him. He brought you here. Without Baba’s grace, it’s impossible for you to come here. He needs to call you to come. Even if you try your maximum best, it’s impossible to come here unless his order is there, ‘Yes, you can come. You can enter in the Shiva Sai Mandir.’ It means there’s a bond. If you want to see him, of course he also wants to see you too – that’s my strong surrender and belief system.”

Jesus Temple

The Jesus-Temple with the statues of Jesus, Mary and Dattatreya is located on the first floor above the Baba-Temple.

Some of Sri Kaleshwar's words on Jesus: "I’m describing Jesus’ greatness here. He’s purely a man of true love with a forgiving nature.  Jesus Christ was one hundred percent pure unconditional true love. ... He had incredible powers in his hands. He had the strongest high abilities; Jesus was pure love and forgiveness."  

"Basically, the Jesus Christ is the most marvelous person on the planet and what he taught and what he experienced and what he really learned from India, from the ancient tradition, it is the supernatural formulas. The formulas are linked with the deep, deep, beautiful powerful vibrations of prayers. Who really connected with the powerful vibrations of prayers, automatically they will connect to the cosmic. The cosmic is the nature, the nature means the mother, mother means who really creates the people’s souls in her womb. So, every person from the planet they came from the mother’s womb. Whole creation is hidden in the mother’s womb."

"So, the point is, the Jesus Christ, the Buddha and Shirdi Sai Baba, any divine spiritual soul who came on the planet, they have a lot of amazing power to understanding the nature. To who really understands the nature, they really can command on the Mother. Command means that through the love they can change the karmic, the illusions, they can recycling the birth and death."



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